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Simple Trick Play Rubber

play-rubber-band-tricks-nocheatsRubber Bracelet or Bracelet rubber or rubber-called course is ring-shaped piece of rubber that function to bind, sizes vary with a wide range of colors as well. In the further development of rubber bands not only serves as a binder course, the rubber bracelets also have other functions, especially if the use is children. On this occasion ane will discuss about the special relationship between children with rubber bands based on what you’ve experienced in childhood ane ago, games and toys what can be done, how to save and so forth. Ane trust and believe many of Player who read the writing on this simple thread ever experience it too.

Perhaps among Player no one ever forgot to bring a pencil eraser then used as an eraser impromptu Cengkareng bracelet? Ane used to often do this, the way is by tying a rubber bracelet on a pencil and then rubbed in lieu of an eraser on a pencil writing to be removed, the same effect as an eraser usual, pencil marks will disappear, but normally it would be dirty and sheets book to black , Until now ane still do not understand the content of what is in the rubber band so that it can be used as an eraser writing, and until now if by chance there is no pencil eraser ane, ane still use these rubber bracelets

If the usual rubber band is used as a binder of goods, it is for children rubber band could also be binding toys made, such as when making toys out of bamboo then used to bind is a rubber band, as a garnish on a toy can also as a binder hair for children, binders socks loose from falling, binder stick brought to school to calculate the math, binders broken toy, as headbands for cool, nowadays usually at the time of playing the ball so it looks like the world’s top players and so forth, this fact is not only done by children only, adults also use it as well, but because the discussion is about the kids then it is associated only with children for whom like play game with